PasPerTu is a place where the baby can move freely from their first months of life.

Freedom of movement provide sensory experimentation respecting the autonomy of the child’s motor, your time and your space. We also offer the possibility of discovering yourself and interact with others. PasPerTu provides a framework of containment and security for both the child and for the adult is bounded by a slight closing. However, an opening allows other family members to relate intimately with the baby. The close contact of parents and siblings are important to know each other boosting its integration process and strengthening ties with their family group.

This communication experience and allow the child to grow with security and confidence, and parents better understand their needs and rediscover themselves in this new phase.

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Ramp and mattress not included.

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Colors de les tires

Turquoise and pink braided, Twisted turquoise and pink combined


90 x 73 x h27cm

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