How we work

Flexible and pedagogic

  • Flexible and ergonomic furniture, thought and designed to adapt to children when they grow up and to their needs. It is easy to assemble.
  • Several uses and functions that boost the product service when being used and then the product can be used longer, which fosters responsible consumption.
  • Innovative spirit to create play areas and every day learning zones for kids and to adapt to their real needs.
  • Our furniture achieves its usefulness and functionality. It is attractive and comfortable.


  • We guarantee environmental quality when obtaining raw materials. Wood used in furniture in Ergokids comes from a certified sustainable forest management with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)
  • We support nearby consumption in the natural materials of maximum quality. Hardwoods are vegetal species from coniferous and leafy. They come from mild areas. For example, the pine tree, birch tree, beech, oak, cherry tree, alder…
  • We produce without toxic substances (0% formaldehyde) and we use recycled raw materials or those which can be recycled or reused. To season and varnish wood we use innocuous ecological products.
  • We pack our furniture in recycled packaging and we use just what is needed to protect it for shipment. We optimise both space and packaging needed for its specific and aesthetic function making it sustainable for its use.
  • Good mechanical strength and to adverse conditions: we use long-lasting material. It will ensure a long life fostering responsible consumption.
  • Our furniture complies with the law and rules with high standards in security and health. The composition of the natural materials has a high ecologic value.
  • Our furniture makes it easy to manage waste. It helps in the self-sufficiency of resources and in the sustainable economy. There are no mixed components which cannot be separated.