The Association Pikler of Hungary and Foundation Lóczy, heiresses and managing the work of Emmi Pikler have made action to protect the name Pikler®.


Has registered a patent in the European Union to ensure the high quality of the activities related to the name Pikler®. They have also registered patents in sections corresponding to furniture and toys, to make furniture and devices of games and movement related to Pikler®.

Also, they have formalized a working group formed by Ass. Pikler of Hungary, the Inst. Lóczy, The School Emmi Pikler and European companies with recognized prestige and experience in the manufacture of furniture and device Pikler®

Ergokids-Albera is part of the working group that, during 2016, met on several occasions at the headquarters of the Association Pikler in Budapest, carrying out meticulous work to define quality standards and ergonomics Pikler® furniture and gadgets.

As a result of this work, defined the furniture and gadgets that are considered Pikler® original, with setting the parameters, materials, methods, and educational conditions of application.
logo_piklerThis is the logo that certifies manufacturers that are part of this working group and the only ones allowed to manufacture furniture and gadgets Pikler®.