What we do

Children grow up really quickly, much more than what adults would like. Clothes and shoes are of no use after some months, and that beloved toy today, tomorrow may be at the very back of the cupboard. But what about furniture? Does it follow this same exhausting pattern? Can we use the same furniture for all ages? Ergokids wants to prove that we can do it, that it is possible.


We offer high-quality furniture, thought and designed based on the age of the children, adapting it to their body size as they grow up. During their first years of life, children need furniture adapted to their changing functional and anthropometric features.

When creating our products we take into account criteria related to quality, eco-design and sustainability and we always consider the pedagogic side of our furniture. This is our commitment.

Using furniture with a design adapted to their functional needs enhances their learning and their security in this period. Therefore, we have created our own collections Albera Llar and Encaix, based on our long experience manufacturing furniture for children. We have also included in Ergokids Selecció a series of products by other manufacturers that match our criteria.