Who we are


  • Raquel Raluy  – Interior designer: She will kindly assist you in our shop in Badalona and he will advise you in choosing the best furniture for your home.
  • Carles Prats, Santi Vidal, Alex Lorente, Marc Lopez, Joan Carles Alegre and Jordi Atenza – Carpenters and Cabinetmakers: thanks to their expert hands, the whole family will enjoy their manufactured furniture full of passion
  • Mar Ibern, Raquel Oriol, Mercedes Castillo and Gemma Sabater – An extraordinary back office with long experience in managing our everyday tasks.
  • Jordi Ballesteros and Toni Oriol – Entrepreneurship from family business. Believing in a project and fighting to achieve it.


  • Pimpampum – Web design: Anna Fuester and Daniel Julià embraced the project and transformed into an open window to the world. pimpampum.net
  • Pixtin – Desing and communication: Anna Llàcer and Maiden Zulueta have gone beyond designing the corporative image of the company. Their mark can be found in every corner as they achieved a global image on-off line. pixtin.es
  • Oriol Lladó – Journalist and Communication Advisor: He is always one step forward in ICT and social networks. He made us realise of the importance of knowing what to say, how to say it, where to say it and who to say it. oriolllado.cat
  • Gerard Martínez – Architect: He designed for and with us Encaix and he actively collaborates with us in other projects. llar.cat
  • Rosa Vidiella – Pedagogue: Pioneering pedagogue in adapting and conceiving furniture for young children. He helps us when considering the pedagogic aspects in our furniture.
  • Cupi Rodon – Biologist: He offers us his close advice when dealing with environmental criteria in our projects. He has always supported us from the beginning.
  • Jaume Mesalles – Architect: The term “render” makes sense when you cannot tell if what you are looking at is a virtual image or a photograph. jaumemesalles.com
  • Miquel Àngel Romero – Photographer: Static furniture, children moving and the magic to capture the exact moment when everything stays still.
  • Marc, Francesc, Clara, Dolça, Pol, Miquel, Zoe, Bruna, Blai, Bernat, Lander, Pau and Júlia: Brilliant names for sweet young boys and girls who fill of light and colour the photographs of our furniture.