Wobbel 360°

110,10149,80 IVA incl.

Wobbel 360 °, is a circular and concave table for the development of motor skills, balance, and body control.

Exhibition’s product

Its round shape develops creativity and imagination and allows boys and girls to have endless possibilities for play, all of which come to mind, such as swing, playing be on a boat and move with the waves, sit, turn on yourself or spin another partner, spin 360°, practice Skate moves or walk with it, with a good balance and a movement that requires some strength. It can also be used with balls, cars, or toys to swing, turn, and can be used upside down as if it were a sitting seat or a game table. Its structure is light, this table is made of many layers of beech wood, with a diameter of 70 cm wide and a smooth surface.


Additional information

Dimensions 70 cm


Exhibition product, New

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